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Excerpt from
ILE IFE House of Love
By Raymond C. Hartung (1973)

Excerpts from the 1993 Philadelphia Recordings
Children's Class | Arthur Hall Day celebrations
Arthur's Return to Ile Ife | MARC Fest'93
Master Class - Yanvallu | Reunion Performance at Movement Theater International
Audio, Ode to Yemanya sung by Van Williams, Khalilah Monzella Allen, Rita Cottman-Johnson
Seven preserved tapes: AHC 93-1 Phila #1 through AHC 93-7 Phila #7
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Overture to Orpheus
Arthur Hall, director
Odean Pope, music director
With the Arthur Hall Afro American Dance Ensemble
Thomas Miles - Orpheus
Barbara Kinney - Eurydice
Melvin Purnell - The Sun
Karen Warrington - The Moon
Richard Moten - Spirit of Carnival

From AHC Orpheus and AHC cd2000.1

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A Children's Class (1993)
Warmups and New Orleans Second Line cross floor
James Corry, drummer

From AHC1993p1.dv and AHC1993p3.dv

AHAADE Promo from the 1980s
Arthur's Snake Dance
Hurobo Water Spirit
with Van Williams, James Marshall, Rev. Margo Blake, Elizabeth Roberts, C. Edward White, et al
Marvin Gaye Suite with Obrafo Luther Alridge as the soldier, James Marshall solo, et al
Temptation Arthur and Ione Nash duet
From AHC 1980s.dv

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