Arthur Hall Collection
materials provided by
Brenda Dixon-Gottschild
October 17, 2011

Audio CD of tapes #2 and #3
Arthur Hall Interview by Brenda Dixon-Gottschild
Also on the tape is Arthur Hall's associate Van Williams
Recorded May 22, 1985
Ile Ife Center for the Arts and Humanities
2544 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia

Tape #1 of the original cassettes is missing.
In 2011, cassette tapes #2 and #3 were given to
Daryl Burgee, who made a digital CD to give to
the Arthur Hall Collection, along with
OriginalTranscripts (amended)
and related materials,which in turn have been delivered to
Special Collections Research Center
Temple University Libraries
Philadelphia, PA
in October 2019.

Listen to Tape #2 and #3
(857.6 MB - 1:14:27 created 11/29/2011)