Arthur Hall Collection
materials provided by
Rev. Margo Blake
October 14, 2011

Original Newsletter
Ile Ife Center for the Arts and Humanities
(Vol.1, No. 1, Spring 1984)

Newsletter Articles:

Ile Ife Experiences Change
Brahim Ahmadiyya resigns a Board Chair, replaced by Chuck Powell
Added to the Board are Bob Rutman, Allen Gellis, JoAnna Haines, Augusta Clarke, Charles Rannels, and Shuna Ali Miah
Kofi Yamoa resigns as administrative director, replaced by Randy Williams

Premiere Works Performed in February
Urhobo Religious Festival
choreographed by Arthur Hall
The Visitation
choreographed by Betty Alridge
premiered Feb 17 - 18 at the University Museum's Harrison Auditorium
University of Pennsylvania
Urhobo performed March 22 at Rugby School, Wall, NJ
March 29 at Robert Pollock School, Philadelphia

Arthur Hall Joins Dance Panel
National Endowment for the Arts Dance Panel

Ile Ife Suffers Fire
2539 Germantown Ave. burns, owned by Ile Ife Center at 2544 Germantown
the building was being renovated to be an Afro-American Artist Colony

Dance Ensemble Storms New York
Sweet Saturday Night performed March 6-11 at Brooklyn Academy of Music
AADE touring New York State through May for NY State University system
Arthur Hall, artistic director
Dance Black America Performance Tour schedule with 8 dates

Upcoming events
Monthly radio program
Black Cultural Parade
Youth Summer Camp, July 9 - Aug. 24

News Briefs Arthur Hall receives grant from Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
March 19, Mayor's reception performance by Bob Artis, Van Williams, and Arthur Driscoll
Bell of PA grants Ile Ife Center $1,500 and fundraising support
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts assigns consultant to help Ile Ife restructure
April 22 AADE performs at Rittenhouse Square
May 27 recital by Ile Ife Center Students at John Hines Community Center
Proposal to City of Philadelphia to perform Fat Tuesday at Robin Hood Dell East
Nana Korantema conducting series of lecture/workshops for students of the World Affairs Council

Newsletter Photographs:

Curtis Reddy as the Bird Spirit of the Water in the Urhobo Festival

Jomo Amen Ra, Kofi Asante, Nana Korantema, Robert Stanfield play for Sweet Saturday Night

Original program
Dance Black America

(April 21-24, 1983) 48 pages
Includes complete schedule
Articles by Leonard Goins, Brenda Dixon-Stowell, Julinda Lewis, Sally Summer, and Zita Allen
Black Concert Dance, credits and notes
Black Street and Social Dance, credits and notes
including Marie Laveaux and Danse Congo Square
and excerpts from Fat Tuesday
Choreographed by Arthur Hall
Performed by AADE and Olympia Brass
American Black Dance on Film
Panelist biographies
Performer biographies
including the Arthur Hall Afro American Dance Ensemble and Dejan's Olympia Brass
along with the names of individual company members:

Betty Alridge
Margo Blake
Curtis Redding
Elizabeth Roberts
Van Williams
Ricky Croswell
William Winfield, Jr.
Stephanie Young
Edward White
Jomo Amen-Ra
Julie Bailey
Luther Alridge
Clement Joseph
Craig Chinery
Robert Stanfield
Lawrence Yancey

Bibliography and filmography
Notes on the State University of New York and the Brooklyn Academy of Music

Original mailer/poster/program/order form
(3 color, 8.5" x 36") for 1983 Dance Black America

Original schedule/program outline
for Sunday, June 5 (cont.) through June 12 (1983)
on 25th Anniversary Dance Ensemble letterhead

Original Arthur Hall AADE folder
(8.5" x 22") with four photographs of Arthur Hall

Original newspaper insert
The Philadelphia Tribune, Treasures of Ancient Nigeria
February 21-April 18, 1982, 12 pages, 2 color, 11" x 13"
includes schedule of Arthur Hall AADE performances

Original invitation
on card stock (8.5" x 6")
Orpheus at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, June 5, 1983, in the Great Stair Hall

Original notice
on card stock (9" x 10")
Akyerema: The Talking Drum
A tribute to African and Afro-American Drummers
at the Ile Ife Museum, hosted by Scuddie and Sarah McGee
Babatunde Olayunji
Laji Camerra
Bobby Crowder
Robert Franklin
Farel Johnson
Bobby Artis
James Corry
Ronald Harris
Charles Gay
and others

Reprints of articles
from The Philadelphia Inquirer (8.5" x 14")
Hall Dancers Unveil Style in 'Orpheus'
by Daniel Webster, May 11, 1973, p. B-1
and 'Orpheus' Ballet Is Dazzling Riot of Exuberance, Color
by Samuel L. Singer, May 14, 1973

Original brochure
(multi-color, glossy, 18" x 32")
Philadelphia in October 1985: International City Month
Arthur Hall AADE and Philadanco dance recital
Oct 19, 1995, Tomlinson Theatre

Margo Blake's July 2009 donation of materials

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