During my many years as one close to the efforts
to secure and make available the work and teaching
of Arthur Hall through the Arthur Hall Collection,
I have come to feel more than ever that the most
profound and revealing history of our human race
is to be found in the realm of culture, and especially
the arts. As an artist and a retired teacher myself,
I feel that the history of the arts may arguably be
seen as the essential history out of which the more
recognized historical events and purposes arise.

The arts are who we are. We are motivated to action
by the arts, which are our self portraits and our
collective consciousness. So I am honored to have
attention turned as well to the preservation of some
of my own work in film - pieces made working alone,
as well as others done through collaborations,
often while helping to document some of Arthur Hall's
performances. The AHC is memory made vivid and present,
memory that is also timeless and of great value to the world
at large. I am proud to have helped in a small way
to keep it alive.

Abbott Meader


Two photographs of Arthur Hall at home in the
conference room on the third floor of the Ile Ife
Black Humanitarian Center, circa 1980. The painting
behind Mr. Hall is by Abbott Meader, "Angel of Winterspring."
Abbott Meader gave the painting to Arthur Hall following the
filming of Snake Dance Teacher Dance (1977-1978).

The two frames above are from the Arthur Hall Collection,
digital scans of the original Kodak 120 negatives.
BBWms photo.

2018 President's Report