Annual Report for 2020

The River Spirit and the Mermaid (1989)
By Barbara Bullock (Private Collection)

ILE IFE Films, Inc. / The Arthur Hall Collection
2020 Annual Report

One of the first fruits of having the Arthur Hall Collection in the Special Collections
Research Center at Temple University is the beautiful digital catalogue for the exhibit of
Africa in the Arts of Philadelphia at the Woodmere Art Myseum. The exhibit featured the
work of three artists associated with the Ile Ife Center - Barbara Bullock, Charles
Searles, and Twins Seven-Seven. I worked with the exhibit curator Susanna Gold to identify
materials from the Arthur Hall Collection in the catalogue, some of which were from films
I shot. I also produced a short video of clips of Twins Seven-Seven to go with the
exhibit, which was scheduled to run from February 2 to May 7. Patrice and I had planned to
see the exhibit the week of March 16, but the pandemic cancelled our trip and suspended
the exhibit and closed the Charles Library, and here we remain 300 days later, still
sequestered in Belfast, Maine.

The exhibit reopened in July and closed in September, producing a lovely review
in The Philadelphia Inquirer that includes mention of the history of the Ile Ife Center
back in the day. One minor correction to the Online Catalogue: on page 20, the caption
says Twins Seven-Seven is on parade with the AHAADE, when in fact he is on parade with
Arthur Hall himself.

During the first surge of the pandemic, I finally sat down to edit Dance Yanvallu. I have
been promising Rita Cottman-Johnson to do that work for some 25 years. In the event, Dance
was the most viewed Ile Ife Film on Vimeo in 2020, followed by Abbott Meader's
silent film Isolation. (it must have shown up on global searches for things to watch during
lockdowns), then Arthur Hall Obatala, and then my own Lake Dynamics.

John T. Jenkins (1952 - 2020)

"His Honor," the Dancing Mayor of Lewiston, Maine, John Jenkins passed away September 30,
2020, after a brief, fierce battle with cancer. John danced for Arthur in numerous concerts -
NewVerMaine, Ile Ife Philadelphia Maine, Rhythm of Life, Accent Ghana -
while serving two terms as Mayor of Lewiston, serving a term in the Maine Senate, the only
person elected to be Mayor of Auburn, Maine as a write-in candidate (he didn't run, but
served, once elected), and maintaining Pep Talk, his motivational presentations. Born May
29, 1952, in Newark, New Jersey, John went to Bates College as an undergraduate, and he
decided he liked Maine just fine. He was a world champion in Karate, coached the American
Karate team, and is a member of the Maine Athletic Hall of Fame, among his many other
honors. He personally presented Muhammad Ali with a City of Lewiston momento when Ali
visited. Ali said, "I travel all the way up here to Maine and all I get is a lousy lapel pin."
There is footage of the Honorable John Jenkins throughout the Arthur Hall Collection,
in rehearsal and in performance, perhaps most memorably in Requiem for Adam in
The Rhythm of Life concert, December 30, 1995.

2020 Financial Statement

2020 Credits
Opening Balance - $352
Cash Contributions (Bruce Williams) - $4,200
Income from archival services (Abbott Meader) - $544
Total 2020 Credits - $5,096

2020 Debits

Equipment purchases - $2,298 (mostly a Pegasus RAID storage device)
Service fees - $75
Annual fee to State of Maine and - $325
Archive production fees (Northeast Historic Film) - $543
Postage & shipping - $52
Computer, high speed internet, and website fees - $1,310
Total 2020 Debits - $4,607

Cash Balance on December 31, 2020 - $489

Respectfully submitted,
Bruce Williams
January 2021