Annual Report for 2023

2023 Annual Report

ILE IFE Films, Inc.
Ile Ife Arts
The Arthur Hall Collection

The Arthur Hall Historical Marker
2544 Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, now
The Village of the Arts

President's Report

2023 was relatively quiet. There was some talk of hosting a semi-autonomous nonprofit Ile Ife Arts
in Philadelphia, but the necessary personnel never emerged. I added pages to the website that
group embeded videos to give them some context, rather than leaving them floating in the ether.
See for example: Saka Acquaye and Wulomei.

We provided video links to the Louisiana relatives of Vangie Brown and Van Williams:
Marie Laveau Conjurs Gris Gris
In Memoriam Van Williams
Vangie shows up again (later in life) in the video embedded below.

In July, African Diasporan Dance and Drumming provided Frances Harmoni's recording of the
2011 dedication of Arthur’s Historical Marker at the old Ile Ife Black Humanitarian Center
on Germantown Avenue. I cut the running time from about an hour to about 15 minutes.
It is embedded here:

If you watch to the very end, you can see me creep up to the foot of the stage, and the very last title
suggests that my stills and videos from that day might be cut together with Fran's recording
to make a nice little finished film. They are in the 2011 folder of the Arthur Hall Collection
digital archive in the Special Collections Research Center of the Temple University Libraries
in Philadelphia. From here in Maine, we can provide the original mp4 camera file of Fran's recording
to interested filmmakers, or you can contact African Diasporan Dance & Drumming directly
in Philadelphia at

The most viewed videos on during 2023 are again Abbott Meader's Isolation
and Destroying Angel and my own rendition of Arthur Hall's Obatala.

2023 Financial Statement

2023 Credits

Cash Balance 1/1/2023 = $538
2023 Cash Donations (from Patrice and me) = $1,700
Total Credits 2023 = $2,238

2023 Debits
Equipment purchase (1 TB Sandisk SSD) = $83
Dues/Memberships = $85
Northeast Historic Film, digitizing services = $350
Printing = $25
Postage = $5
Maintain domain name and website = $132
High Speed Internet Connection = $910
Vimeo Video Streaming = $240
Total Debits 2023 = $1,830

Cash Balance 12/31/2023 = $408

There was a lack of digital space to operate in 2023. The purchase of a 1 TB SanDisk SSD
provided a little wiggle room, but not much. The problem is now solved with a new 8 TB
SanDisk Pro-Blade Station, the cost of which will show up on next year's Annual Report.

Meanwhile, you can see that it costs about $1,300 a year to keep the website up and streaming.
If you can make a tax-deductable donation by check (Payable to either "Ile Ife Films" or "Arthur Hall Collection."
Both work. I wouldn't trust online donation buttons, but maybe I'm just old-fashioned),
please mail to:

Ile Ife Films
66 Northport Avenue
Belfast, Maine 04915

Respectfully submitted,
Bruce Williams
February 2024
Telephone: (207) 338-3354

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