A nonprofit arts organization in 1994

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Mission Statement

Ile Ife Films
The Arthur Hall Collection and the Arthur Hall International Dancer Center
is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the arts and education in African and American cultures.
We produce, present, and distribute motion pictures and theatrical presentations
for charitable, religious, scientific, educational, and artistic purposes.

The Arthur Hall Collection
is dedicated to gathering, preserving,
and making available materials about the dance work
of Arthur Hall and the history of the
Arthur Hall Afro-American Dance Ensemble
of Philadelphia (1958 to 1988).

The Arthur Hall International Dancer Center
is dedicated to conducting classes and community concerts
to further Arthur Hall's artistic vision of international dance.

Board of Directors (1995)

Arthur L. Hall, founder & artistic director
Bruce B. Williams, president & filmmaker
Patrice A. Janssen, treasurer & dancer
C. Abbott Meader, artist & professor of art

Personnel (1995)

H. Ahada Stanford, Ph.D., financial consultant

D. Kelley Young, clerk of the corporation
Van Meer & Belanger
South Portland, Maine

Fiscal Agent
The Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition
James F. Bodine, secretary