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Update June 2023

Ayo Ngozi and Arthur Hall
BBWms photo

Arthur Hall - Ayo Ngozi interview
December 14, 1996
Camden, Maine

Five reel to reel 1/4" tapes recorded by Bruce Williams
Copied to digital by the
Special Collections Research Center
Temple University Libraries
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Arthur Hall in his own words
Interviews, conversations, addresses

Oral Histories on the web

Some early videotaped oral histories were posted on YouTube before
Ile Ife Films had a platform on Vimeo. The YouTube videos may have
the odd advertisement.

There is quite a bit of overlap. Some oral histories are audio tapes without video.
Some, like the Ayo Ngozi interview above, have both.
Some have been edited. Some have not.

The movies on Vimeo are grouped in "channels." Some movies appear in more than
one channel. Digital Preservation Masters for most are stored on redundant LTO tapes,
one stored with Northeast Historic Films (NHF) in Bucksport, Maine, and the other with
the Special Collections Research Center (SCRC) of Temple University Libraries,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Original Materials of the Arthur Hall Collection
are in the SCRC.

The movies are generally considered to be available within the "Creative Commons,"
full attribution, no derivatives, noncommercial. Inquire at the SCRC or at

Arthur Hall in his own words

Ayo Ngozi interview
December 14, 1996
(5 Audio files, Running time: 1:08:24)

Brenda Dixon-Gottschild interview
October 17, 2011
(Running time 1:14:27)

John Greenman interview
Maine Public Television
(1997, Running time 20:53)

(Running time 5:48)

Too Happy
A few words from Arthur Hall himself.
Close out the program of the Reunion performance
at the Movement Theatre International
(Running time )

Arthur Hall Collection
Oral Histories on the web

Looking Back on Arthur Hall
and the Afro-American Dance Ensemble

(Running time 1:23:32)

Ile Ife in North Philadelphia Remembered
(Running time 1:15:55)

Ione Nash Interview
Excerpts on YouTube
Warning: may include odd advertisements
(Running time 7:48)

Complete interview
Without advertisements
(Running time 27:43)

Shuna Miah Interview

Betty Alridge Interview

Rita Cottman Johnson Interview

Monzella Allen Interview

Kofi Asante Interview

James Marshall Interview

Lawrence Clark Interview

Margo Blake Interview

Oral Histories by Ile Ife Films

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