The Ile Ife Black Humanitarian Center
Home of
The Arthur Hall
Afro-American Dance Ensemble

1968 to 1988

The Ile Ife Black Humanitarian Center was located at 2544 Germantown Avenue in North Philadelphia.
Thousands of children found a second home at Ile Ife, taking classes in art and culture
as well as in music and dance. In adition to providing a home for the AADE, it also housed
a Junior Company and a children's company, Omo Ife.

ILE IFE closed in 1989 when Arthur Hall left Philadelphia
(see Oba Koso and the end of Ile Ife).
The building is now home to the Village of the Arts,
although to some it will always remain Ile Ife,
the Center for the Arts and Humanities,
the original,
Where it all began,
or simply

Company class at Ile Ife ca. 1980
(l. to r.) Monzella Allen, Milton Williams, Julie Bailey,
Carol Elkins, Van Williams, Carol Butcher

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