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Update February 2023

As a whole, Ile Ife Films on is divided into three parts (ca. 140 videos):

Arthur Hall Collection - about 100 digital files

The films of Abbott Meader - about 30 files

And my own movies - Bruce Williams - about 32 files
some of which are unrelated to either
Arthur Hall or Abbott Meader

The movies are grouped in "channels" on Vimeo. There is quite a bit of overlap, and some
movies appear in more than one channel. Digital Preservation Masters for most are stored
on two redundant LTO tapes, one stored with Northeast Historic Films (NHF) in Bucksport,
Maine, and the other with the Special Collections Research Center (SCRC) of Temple University
Libraries, Philadelphia, PA. Original Materials of the Arthur Hall Collection are in the SCRC.
Original Materials of Abbott Meader's films are in NHF, and my Original Materials,
other than those in the Artur Hall Collection, are in NHF.

The movies are generally considered to be available within the "Creative Commons,"
full attribution, no derivatives, noncommercial. Inquire at

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