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Update February 2023

As a whole, the Arthur Hall Collection video files are divided into three parts:

Edited works in the Arthur Hall Collection - about 25 files
which are more or less presentable

AHC Oral Histories - about 23 files

Most Popular Movies in the Arthur Hall Collection

The most popular of the Arthur Hall movies from Ile Ife Films, Arthur Hall Obatala
is composed of footage scattered across the Arthur Hall Collection, filmed by
multiple cameras in multiple media over roughly a quarter century, 1972- 1998.
See the end titles for details.

Odunde 1995

ILE IFE House of Love

Dance Yanvallu

Ode to Yemaya

Arthur Hall in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

VHS copy a gift of MRN producers

Orisun Omi (The Well)

Snake Dance Teacher Dance

Marie Laveau Conjures Gris Gris

Renaissance on Sacred Ground


Olokun, Lord of the Undertow

Prince Twins Seven-Seven

Bobby Artis Tribute Rehearsal

Functional Art Moveable Art

Roots Promos

See these and other videos on the
Arthur Hall Collection channel on Vimoe

AHC Oral Histories - about 23 files

AHC Camera Rolls and other archival materials - about 52 files

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