Most Recent Postings (2023)

Most Recent Postings

Film of Afro-American Dance Ensemble on Tour in Africa (1974)

Audio: Four Songs (1973)
Ebierio | Iya Ni Hura | Ode to Yemanja | Obatala

Arthur Hall Interviewed by Ayo Ngozi (1996)

Video of ORPHEUS in performance (1973)

Audio recording of ORPHEUS in performance (1973)

Ile Ife in North Philadelphia Remembered
An Oral History with Karen Warrington
(Running time 1:15:55)

MOJUBA! broadcast CBS archive now NBC Channel 10

Looking Back on Arthur Hall and the
Afro-American Dance Ensemble

(Running time 1:23:32)

Africa in the Arts of Philadelphia in the Temple Libraries catalog

Audio of Arthur Hall interview with Brenda Dixon-Gottschild (1985)
(Running time 1:14:27)

Online Movie Archive (Creative Commons, Full Attribution, Noncommercial)

2022 Annual Report