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Fanga (2023, 5:20)

Abbott Meader's THE ELMS (1964, 19:14)

Arthur Hall's AHIMSA: Non-violence

BBWms photos 1977

Alternate etymology for Oba Koso
Email from Omofarafina Historokale, June 1, 2023
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Films by Abbott Meader

Dance Ensemble Promotional (VHS video, 1984)

Putney Obatala (1988, Silent)

Upper Valley Dance Classes (1978, Silent)

Bahia Outs (1978, Silent)

Offering to Oshun (1980)

Arthur Hall's Hazlett Award (1980)

Arthur Hall Interviewed by Ayo Ngozi (1996)
Five audio tapes, two videos, two photographs.

Saka Acquaye and Wulomei (1980)
Five composite copies of 16mm film footage.

Dance Yanvallu
With Rita Cottman-Johnson

Two Camera Rolls of Obatala in the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Two U-Matic videotapes from Dartmouth College (1978-1979?)

Fat Tuesday and all that jazz! (1977)

African Heritage (1968)
(Penn Museum on YouTube | Running time 27:09)
Color corrected clip from African Heritage
(Arthur Hall Collection AHC 16-144 | Running time 4:05)

Film of Afro-American Dance Ensemble on Tour in Africa (1974)

Audio: Four Songs (1973)
Ebierio | Iya Ni Hura | Ode to Yemanja | Obatala

Video of ORPHEUS in performance (1973)

Audio recording of ORPHEUS in performance (1973)

Ile Ife in North Philadelphia Remembered
An Oral History with Karen Warrington
(Running time 1:15:55)

Where to look for MOJUBA!
Broadcast CBS archive now NBC Channel 10

Looking Back on Arthur Hall and the

Afro-American Dance Ensemble

(Running time 1:23:32)

Africa in the Arts of Philadelphia in the Temple Libraries catalog

Audio of Arthur Hall interview with Brenda Dixon-Gottschild (1985)
(Running time 1:14:27)

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