The Arthur Hall Collection
List of 1970 Materials in the Arthur Hall Collection

For the most part, the materials listed here are housed at the
Special Collections Research Center
Temple University Libraries
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

JN = Joe Nash
ER = Elizabeth Roberts
AH = Arthur Hall

1970 general

AH, University of Penna, Louis Leakey film (70s, 16mm)
Phoebe Resnick, pr [ask Cathy Marshall]

AH, Children's Festival, Hunter Col, Civic Center, (1970s)
Mel Howard, producer, Lincoln Center
Substitute for les Ballets Africains, Jemidi Priest (70s?)

Arthur Hall was generally accurate about things that happened, but he was
not always accurate about the year in which they happened.

JN '70 file, Jimmy French, age 12
(newspaper column, no date orattribution)

AHAADE at Pennypack Festival in the Park

1970 chronology

JN, "African Sketches" AHAADE Jan 29, 1970
M.Hall Stanton School, 16 & Cumberland
[Dept of Recreation, CORE &c.]

JN, AADE Feb 7, 1970 @ Buffalo Pops, Kleinhans Music Hall

JN, "Afro-American Dance Program Top Drawer"
Buffalo Courier Express 2/8/70, p.12

JN, AHAA Dancers Feb 8, 1970 @ Free Library, 19 & Vine

JN '70 file, AHAADE @ Windham College, Putney VT [program]
JN, AADE of Ile Ife BHC Feb 22 (no year) @ Windham College
JN, AHAADE Feb 23, 1970 @ Spalding Auditorium

JN, AHAADE, Feb 26, 1970 [flyer]
ER, AHAADE, Feb 26, 1970,
Univ of Scranton Student Center Aud

JN, AHAADE March 9, 1970 @ Chestnut Hill College Aud,
Germantown & Northwestern

JN, ER, "Spring Equinox" AHAADE w/Pa Kow Mensah
March 28, 1970
Blue Horizon Ballroom, Broad & Thompson

JN, "John Jones Principal Dancer w/ PA Ballet"
Phila Daily News 3/31/70

JN, "Native Dancer [John Jones]..." by Daniel Webster
Phila Inquirer Sunday, 4/19/70

JN, AHAADE Apr 8 to May 1, 1970 Inner City Festival Open House
@ St. [illegible] Prep School, 17 & Girard

JN, AHAADE May 1-2, 1970 @ Brooklyn Acad of Music
[orig playbill]
JN, NY Times adv 4/26/70

JN, AH Dancers (just back from NY Town Hall debut) May 22, 1970
@ Y-A Club, May Fest Show & Dance w/ Lex King's African Kings Band

JN, "Afro-Philadelphian" May 29, 1970 @ Academy of Music, Broad & Locust
w/ AHAADE & Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee &c.
AH, Afro Philadelphian (Samuel Evans [ask Jim] '70?, 16mm 90 min.)
w/Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis

JN, "Hall Brings Africa to City" by Daniel Webster, Phila Inquirer 6/2/70 [by context: AADE in Rittenhouse Square 6/1/70]

JN, AHAADCo July 5, 1970 @ Temple Univ Music Fest & Inst
JN, "Weekend at Ambler A Mixed Bag"
Phila Evening Bulletin
7/6/70 [negative review]
JN, Phila Inquirer 7/6/70 [positive]

JN, AADE July 13, 1970 @ Summer Evenings in Rittenhouse Square

JN, invitation 8/8/70 AHAADE w/Yusufu King & Kingsmen of Ghana

ER, 2nd Anniversary of Ile Ife Black Humanitarian Center
AADE Show & Dance, Aug 8, 1970
Venango Ballroom, Germantown & Venango

JN, AHAADE Aug 30, 1970 @ Phila Folk Fest
JN, AHAADE Sunday, 1970 Phila Folk Festival
(no date in program - cites AH @ Temple Music Fest, Phil Art Fest & Club Harlem)

JN, "Fine Arts: Hall Dancers at Clark" Wooster Evening Gazette 10/15/70
ER, (Harold Shaw) AHAADE, Oct 14 (no year)
@ Atwood Hall, Clark University, Wooster Mass.

JN, AHAADE Oct 20, 1970 @ Civic Center Museum
Review, Arthur Hall's Obatala Highlights varied program
by Daniel Webster, Phil Inquirer, 10/21/70

JN, "United Nations week reception for international students & visitors"
Oct 23, 1970 @ Phila Civic Center, AHAADE w/ Raymond Shafer &c.

JN, AHAADE Oct 25, 1970 @ Pebble Hill Reformed Church
Doylestown PA [church service program]

JN, AHAADE Oct 28, 1970 Harrisburg Black Arts Festival @ Forum

JN '70 file - AHAADE Nov 14, 1970 @ VA Dance Society, Mus Theatre
JN '71 file - AHAADE @ Virginia Museum Theatre Arts & Virginia Dance Society
(no date or place - Harold Shaw ~ error? move to 1970 file)

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