2011 Annual Report
2012 Highlights

April 2011

16mm print of ILE IFE: House of Love
(1973, color and black and white, 25 minutes)
On loan to the collection by filmmaker Raymond Hartung
Excerpt available on YouTube

June 2011

Reception honoring Arthur Hall
Mayor's Conversation Room
City Hall of Philadelphia
Friday, June 10, 2011

Moving images and photographs
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Historical Marker honoring Arthur Hall
Dedication and Unveiling

Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble perform for Arthur Hall Alumni
Jessica Lautin photograph, June 11, 2011

Arthur Lee Hall: Historical Marker
(2011, 9:00 minutes)

October 2011

Original ephemera from Ile Ife Center, ca. 1982-1984
from the Rev. Margo Blake

Original transcripts and CD copy of audio recordings
1985 interviews of Arthur Hall by Brenba Dixon Gottschild

November 2011

Videotape donated by C. Abbott Meader
Maine Public Broadcasting's Northern Lights program, ca. 1997
Arthur Hall conducting rehearsals and narrating.

December 2011

Marion D. Cuyjet and Her Judimar School of Dance
Training Ballerinas in Black Philadelphia 1948-1971

By Melanye White Dixon (2011, Edwin Mellon Press)
See Marion Cuyjet

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