About the Arthur Hall Collection

About the
Arthur Hall

Last update: 1995

Ile Ife Films created the Arthur Hall Collection

to gather
to preserve
and to make accessible

materials related to the work of Arthur Hall and the history of
the Arthur Hall Afro-American Dance Ensemble
the Ile Ife Black Humanitarian Center
and the Ile Ife Museum

The Collection forms the foundation for the feature-length film

And the Children Danced
Thirty years of the Arthur Hall
Afro-American Dance Ensemble

In addition to several videotapes available to schools, libraries, and private collectors, other materials from the Collection are available to interested students & scholars. Still other materials will be made available through donations, acquisitions, and new productions within the company.
The Arthur Hall Collection
is a publicly supported organization
dedicated to the arts and education.

Contributions may be tax-deductible
Donations also may be made in memoriam to Requiem


Access & Documentation

We provide public access through on line documentation and through videotape sales to schools, libraries and private collections. The Arthur Hall Collection will encourage and maintain complete copies of the publicly available materials in key institutions such as the Philadelphia Free Library.

The feature documentary And the Children Danced will increase public awareness of the Collection through theatrical release, television broadcast, sale of tapes and disks, and associated publications.

Scholarly access will be insured by complete and thorough documentation integrated with national database systems such as that of the Dance Heritage Coalition and the National Archives.

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The work of the Arthur Hall Collection in gathering and duplicating materials will act in a general way to help preserve them. The work of preserving original and preprint materials related to the Arthur Hall Collection in an appropriate archive is a distinct responsibility of the Collection and will be carried out in the "two track" method of duplicating and preserving and in accord with the best recommendations of the Library of Congress.

see A Study of the Current State of American Film Preservation (1993)
and Redefining Film Preservation: A National Plan (1994)
by the Library of Congress in the Bibliography

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